Custom Integration & Development

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Custom Integration & Development

Custom Development is done to implement special Website functions, Jamroom Platform Updates, Database Logging & Exports, API Integrations and Reporting. Also proprietary coding for the Iron Blue Platform.
Jamroom Templates- Modify Jamroom Content Page Templates and Routing Engine Files to add functionality for custom Templating to output Custom HTML without Site Navigation. Create Custom Templates for Header, Footer, Site Map and Custom Forms.
Social Follow Link Redirect Logging- Create Social Link Redirect from Email Links to first log Email, IP Address and Request to DB and create Visitor Tracking Cookies then redirect to external Social Media Pages via Query String Parameters in Links. This allows Logging of Visitors that go directly to the Social Media Pages then to Website. Involves modification of Jamroom Routing Engine Files and MySql Tables.
Zoho SalesIQ Tracking Codes- Add Zoho SalesIQ Tracking Codes to Newsletter & Email Links. Integrate into Templates and other custom Email Marketing material and Email signatures.
Log Request To DB- Log all GET, POST and Request values to Database, read and set Logged In User, Cookies, Session Ids, Query Strings. Use of PHP Server, Global and Request Variables: REQUEST_URI, PATH_INFO, QUERY_STRING, HTTP_HOST, HTTP_REFERER, HTTP_USER_AGENT, REMOTE_ADDR. Use of Adminer Tools for Database access and reports. Modification of Routing Engine PHP files, some of the PHP script elements used are: foreach $key $value in $_GET & $_POST, $_COOKIE, $_post, $_SESSION, $_user, $_REQUEST, setcookie, jrUser_session_start, implode, jrCore_db_query, mysql_connect, mysql_select_db, mysql_query, mysql_error. Modification of MySQL Tables to add new data.

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