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FoxyCart allows you to sell any product, to any customer, on any website, on any device. Create and manage multiple stores from one dashboard. Needed are Website Integration, Email Functionality, Product Templates and PayPal Integration.
Website Integration- Integrate Javascript Code Snippets on Website to allow FoxyCart functionality. Configure Store settings into Website Platform Dashboard: API Key, Store Sub Domain URL, Store Version.
Email Functionality- Setup System Emails used for Ecommerce functionality. Review all Emails generated during product purchases: new purchase, new sale, new user, receipt, system sale.
Product Templates- Product Templates are used to define the URLs used for purchasing products which consist of Product Name, Price, Location, Web Address & Product Code. URL Encoding is used to maintain details in Website product links.
FoxyCart Profile- Setup FoxyCart account profile, implement website integration code snippets, review security issues and all Ecommerce functionality. FoxyCart starts in development mode, and cannot process live transactions until the store is activated to enable a live payment gateway.
PayPal- Setup PayPal and connect to FoxyCart as a Payment Gateway.

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