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Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to the practices, strategies and technologies used to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer life-cycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers. The overall strategy is to create a pipeline of leads and contacts from various channels such as websites, social media, chat, email & newsletters to make those leads available for further sales processes.
Zoho- Zoho is a full stack platform with many tools and functionality to handle: Sales & Marketing, Help Desk, Business Processes, Finance, Human Resources, CRM, Email, Collaboration, Surveys, Campaigns, Sites, Contact Management, Web Forms, Social Media Management, Sales Activity Management, Project Management, Bug Tracker, Web Conferencing, Password Manager, Chat, Web based IT support, Web based Mobile Device Management, Remote Computer Management, Accounting, Payments, Billing, Expense Reporting, Online Inventory and Order Management, Invoicing, Applicant Tracking, Custom Mobile Apps, Business Intelligence, Website Monitoring, Real-time Dashboards, Leaderboards, Scorecards, Project Management, Visitor Tracking, Analytics, Online Reporting. Research and setup Zoho CRM Portal including Calendar, Campaigns, Chat, Contact Manager, Creator, CRM, Docs, Forms, Mail, Projects, SalesIQ, Feeds, Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Deals, Activities, Reports, Visitor Tracking. Setup Web Forms to push leads from website into CRM automatically, Data Filters to highlight relative content, manage Users and Security Control, Modules, Templates, Workflow Rules, Extensions & APIs and Data Administration.
HubSpot- HubSpot is a CRM with functionality to manage Contacts, Companies, Deals, Tasks, Sales, Notifications, Templates, Sequences, Documents, Prospects, Meetings, Messages & Call Queues. Setup & CRM Configuration done on: Profile, Notifications, Email Integrations, Team, Calling, Import & Export, Mobile Apps. Install Marketing Tracking Code on Website. Setup Lead Flows to add Flow Triggers, Callout, Data Forms & Thank You Messages to gather visitor information for later use, such as to deliver offers, create registrations for events and gain insights about customers. Create Website Lead Flows to automatically gather data from all forms on Website. Create Pop-up Box Lead Flows to promote active social channels, and highlight the most valuable content. Add captured leads to email subscriber lists with push of captured contacts to MailChimp list, and integrate email providers to push contacts to existing email service provider.
Bitrix24- Bitrix24 is a CRM platform with functionality for: Leads, Deals, Invoices, Quotes, Contacts, Companies, Activities, Streams, Reports, Sales Funnel, Face Tracker, History, Products, Forms, Website Widgets. Also functionality for: Workgroups, Applications, Company, Time and Reports, Open Channels, Business Tools, Telephony, Live Chat, API, Tasks, Calendar, Cloud Drive, Photos, Conversations, Webmail. Workspace Activity Stream allows System Notification and easy addition of Messages, Tasks, Events, Polls, Files, Appreciations, Announcements, Workflow Tasks and Process Automation. Setup and Configure: Profile, Network Page, Notifications, E-mail Integration, Company Details, Drive, Calendar, Employees. CRM: Templates, Custom Form Fields, Analytical Reports, Payment Options, Tracker, Statuses, Dropdowns, Format, Duplicate Control, Invoice Numbers, Quotes. Telephony Connections, SIP, Users & Access Permissions, Balance & Statistics. Facebook Integration, REST API Service, Zapier, Widgets Code, Outlook & Gmail Connectors, Desktop App for Windows. Inbound & Outbound Web Hooks with Events & Handlers.
Visitors, Members & Users Data Synchronization to CRM- All Data is Synchronized into CRM from sources such as: Website Visitors & Member Signup, Users, Phone Requests, Zoho Sales IQ Chats, Mail Chimp Newsletter Signups, HubSpot Subscription Popup, Email Tracking, Outlook & Gmail Integration, Voice Messages, SMS Messages, Social Marketing, Log Files, URL Link Tracking, Email Marketing Tag Integration. Database API Integration via Jamroom Tables and APIs, PHP Session Variables to log Cookies, Email, Pages Visited and Site Usage.

Fulfill staffing, training and education needs and comply with all HR policies including confidentiality, non-disclosure, verify employment eligibility, pre-employment drug testing and background security checks. No bad actors. Coordinate scheduling, manage, evaluate & approve hires & headcounts, replace personnel as needed. Build compensation packages to be offered to successful candidates, including base salary, stock options, signing & performance bonuses, relocation costs, benefit programs, health coverage and PTO.

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