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MailChimp is a leading Email Marketing Platform used to communicate with subscribers and track marketing performance.
Subscription List Management- Manage Subscription Lists: Manage Contacts, Signup Forms, List name and defaults, Publicity Settings, List Fields & Merge Tags, Required Footer Content, Email Beamer, Webhooks, Export Lists for use in other marketing campaigns. Handle Removals and review Google Analytics & List Statistics.
Performance Reporting- Review Newsletter Marketing Statistics such as: Open rate, List averages, Industry averages, Click rate, Opened, Clicked, Bounced, Unsubscribed, Successful deliveries, Total opens, Clicks per unique opens, Total clicks, Top links clicked, Subscribers with most opens, Social performance, Tweets, URL clicks, Likes, Top locations by opens.
Campaign Management- Create Custom Website page code with custom formatting of Newsletter HTML content for current Newsletters. Modify Website Routing Engine to allow hidden URL with Query String settings to allow content to be imported on send time. Upload Campaign images and get URLs for use in HTML.
Mail Chimp Profile- Create MailChimp profile and setup Campaigns, Templates, Lists, Reports and Automation to send Emails based on Events and Subscriber behavior. Configure API Key, List ID, Verify Domain, Lists, Suppression Lists, RSS Feeds, Unsubscribe Routines. Setup Integrations to Website, Facebook & HubSpot.
Web Form Lead Code- Setup HubSpot Popup code to allow Website Users to add their Email to MailChimp marketing campaigns. Manage Lead Flows and Collected data to MailChimp.
Removal Systems- Configure Google Docs Form Code to allow Subscription Removal. Setup Export from Google Docs and Import to Suppression Lists. Manage Email removals from other internal and external marketing campaigns.

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