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Jamroom is an Open Source Social Media platform built with PHP, MySQL.
Form Design- Add Fields and Code for extra functionality such as Custom Searches, Backend Reporting, User Management & Content Management.
Platform Setup- Configure all Site Settings & Templates, Base Content, Base Layout, Quotas, Permissions and User Functionality. Modification of Skin Theme Template Code to allow for Custom Functionality.  Mange Site Content with Embedded Forms, Event Calendars, Gallery Images, HTML Editor, Item Lists, Item Lists(Combined), RSS Feed, Site Search, Tag Clouds, Template Code, Uploaded Images, User Login & Signup and Video Players.
Customizations- Customization to various functionality and development such as Admin Navigation, Site Map, Request Routing Engine, Logging, Reporting & Cookie Management.
ShareThis Profile- Setup and configure ShareThis functionality on Jamroom to allow content sharing across multiple Social Media platforms. Backup to Amazon S3- Setup and configuration of automatic backup of system files and databases to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Bucket Name, Region, AWS Secret Key.  Test Backup and Restore processes.
Documentation Forums- Creation of detailed Site Documentation and Forums Structures to allow various levels of access to Public, Management and Admin Users.
Jamroom Profile- Configuration of Hosting and Server details, including DNS, Logging, Testing, Backups, and Third Party Integrations such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Google Docs, LinkedIn, Zapier, Analytics, Zoho SalesIQ Chat, OneAll, Mail Chimp Newsletter & FoxyCart.

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