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    Edric Kilimann
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    OBJECTIVE Work on an interesting and challenging Microsoft .NET, C#, SQL Application Development Project
    Serve as an on-call resource for remote Internet or Client/Server application development projects

    PROFILE Senior Application Development: 18+ yr developing, 13+ yr contracting, Microsoft centric
    Available for onsite or remote development. Travel under certain circumstances OData, Ninject, MS Guidance Automation, MS Blueprints, MS Sync Framework, Enterprise Library 5, WF Resume has been condensed and optimized for faster reading and automatic processing, best viewed as pdf with zoom Older experience and contract information has been removed to focus on current relevant technologies

    SKILLS HIGHLIGHT C#, VB.NET, VS.NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, XML, XSD, Win Forms, Web Server/User Controls, Namespaces, Mail, Web Forms, Collections, Threading, Remoting, IO, Security, Mail, HTTP Classes, Serialization, Regex, Debugging, Interfaces, Events, Delegation, Streams, Windows Services, Exceptions, Deployment, Obfuscation, Caching, Custom Session Objects, BLOB, Impersonation, Assemblies, GAC, GUID, Providers, Membership, GUI Form Design, Class Objects, Data Access, Win32 API, DLL Creation, Third Party Objects, Iprincipal, Reflection, Async, POCO, Generics, LINQ, Lambda Expressions State Driven Security, Command Table Pattern, OData/RIA/SQL, MVVM, Forms Authentication, HTML5/Silverlight, JQuery, ThemeRoller, Wijmo, Azure XAML, XAML Power Tools, SL Toolkit, Blend , Local Isolated Storage, Out Of Browser, WCF RIA, Blend, Data Binding, Embedded Database Caliburn, T4 Templates, Sculpture & Molds, Enterprise Library, MVVM, Dependency Injection, CRUD SQL, T-SQL, PK-FK, Triggers, Views, Stored Procedures, Cursors, @variables, @@functions, SQL-Mail, Functions, DBA (65%) DOM, ASP, HTML, DHTML, XML, XSTL, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, Active-X, SSL, IIS, Database Needs assessment, conceptual design, complex RDBMS architectures, normalization

    SKILLS GENERAL Novell, OS/2,CPM, DOS, Windows 98 / NT / 2000 / 2003 / Vista , IIS, Exchange, Terminal, ISA, SQL Server, DNS, VPN, Remote Access, Televantage .NET, Visual Basic, MS Access, MS Excel, SQL Server, Interdev, Superbase, DBase, Paradox, Install Shield, FoxPro, Btrieve VBA, DDE, DNS, CRM, ERP, CDO, LDAP, SMTP, OLE, SQL, ODBC, RDBMS, EDI, MDI, OOP, ISP, INI, DLL, TCP-IP, FTP, HTML, DHTML, DOM, COM, ASP, RDO, ADO, DAO, API, MAPI, TAPI, GUI, Registry, Class Objects, Automation Objects, Database Design, Client/Server, Application Frameworks Firewall, Bastion Hosts, Router Configuration, Packet Filtering, Virus Protection, MS ISA Server, NT Domains, VPN, IPSEC, Remote Access Trustmark, Axys, Advent, Morning Star, Pentabs, Pentax, Pearl, Schwab Gateway/Link, CCH Pension Library, CPMS, Odis, PACS, Edify, Crystal Reports, Quickbooks, Tkr, SAP, Kronos, Sheridan, Ghost, PDS, Sterling Gentran, IPNet, EBridge, Great Plains, Service Ledger

    .Net 4.5, C#, VS 2013, LightSwitch, State Driven Security, Command Table Pattern, OData/RIA/SQL, MVVM, Forms Authentication, HTML5/Silverlight, JQuery, ThemeRoller, Wijmo, Azure

    .Net 4.0 / C# / VS 2010, NING API & SaaS Platform, Business IntelligenceTools, Iron Blue Solution, SQL, WCF & Host App, Email Services, MVVM, NHibernate, CRUD, MS Enterprise Library, MEF, Member Data, Profile Data, Blog Data, etc., RESTful API’s, Web Services & Custom Web Retrieval Methods, Reporting

    .Net 4.0 / C# / VS 2010, NING API & SaaS Platform, Business IntelligenceTools, Iron Blue Solution, SQL, WCF & Host App, Email Services, MVVM, NHibernate, CRUD, MS Enterprise Library, MEF, Member Data, Profile Data, Blog Data, etc., RESTful API’s, Web Services & Custom Web Retrieval Methods, Reporting

    .Net 4.5, C#, VS 2013, LightSwitch, MVVM, HTML5, JQuery, ThemeRoller, Wijmo, Azure, Forms Authentication. Created Web App to manage Graduates, Schools, Administrators and Ceremonies. Existing App functionality and DB was first documented, then Dev IDE and Hosting setup, and initial dev to have a base LightSwitch ready for further dev. Published to Azure. Full Visio and MS Project documentation

    .Net 4.0 / C# / VS 2010, Development on existing web app with requirements for SureScript ePrescribing Certification, including test cases and implementing 10.6 & 4.4 XML Directory Schemas. Allow Pharmacies & Prescribers to create NEWRX, Refill Request (REFREQ), Refill Response (REFRES), DNTF, Pharmacy Filtering, WSDL, SOAP, NPI, RxReferenceNumber, MessageID

    .Net 4.0 / C# / VS 2008, ASP.NET, SOAP, Authentication, JQuery, Web Phone API, Telcom, Shortel

    .Net 4.0 / C# / VS 2010. Website modifications and enhancements to several clients using Bugzilla, Team Foundation Server (TFS), SASS, Allgean.Library, UAT & Stage Environments. Work with various client project management resources to implementing Email Templates, Registration, SSL, On Demand Center, Fingertip Formulary, Real Time Gateway (RTS), etc

    .Net 4.0 / C# / VS 2010, NING, Video Media, Email Campaigns, Web Sites, DNS, technical planning and assessment of different platforms, technologies and resources

    .Net 4.0 / C# / VS 2010 RC / Silverlight 4.0 RC / Blend 4.0 RC / Enterprise Library 4.0 / SQL 2008, McObject, creating Out Of Browser Silverlight Data Collection Application that allows onsite disconnected technicians to collect medical equipment testing data and sync with Server Enterprise Application when connectivity returns. Using McObject as Embedded Database in Local Isolated Storage to hold existing and new data objects. T4 Templates used via Sculpture & Molds, for creation of different application layers including MVVM and basic UI. Caliburn Framework for Dependency Injection Architecture

    PHP / MySQL, website fixes to existing telephone account management system. Track customers, complaints, payments and discounts

    VB 6 / SQL, small fixes to existing Temperature Sensor Application, basic cleanup and review for potential upgrade to C#

    ASP.NET / C# / SQL 2005 / XML / XSD , create architecture and coding of large scale custom BI web application. Code generation techniques used to create DAL, Business Object Classes, Entity Object Classes, and Custom Web Controls. Many namespaces in the .NET framework used in the app, including [System.Data /.Globalization /.IO /.Text / .Threading /.Security /.XML /.Web]. System has all major expected site functionality such as login, profile, and admin management, also contains CRM ,CMS and web data aggregation functionality. Data access includes XML data to/from SQL, BLOB data, and Entity Relationship Models

    ASP.NET / WSDL / JavaScript small website fixes and additions to existing major food chain website. Changes and additions to client login and profile

    C# / MS Vista / Ant Profiler, find and document any memory leaks in Microsoft Vista Kiosk application using WPF, setup testing environment to test and analyze future development. This was to support the actual developers in the design of the application to take into account any potential memory issues under heavy usage

    Created MS Access database to record and report on client test scores. Admin forms, client test input forms, reporting forms, custom client reports

    ASP.NET / C# / SQL 2005 , resource files, globalization, custom web controls, CDO / SMTP email templates, configuration files. Served as part of development team in rebuilding of a major hotel chain website. Analyze legacy ASP.NET and TSQL code to implement existing functionality into new site architecture

    ASP.NET / C# / SQL 2005 / IIS 6.0 / Clients Custom COM Objects, Custom intranet portal to interact with COM. Manage users, customers, customer Domain files, produce License files to distribute back to customers, Admin management, transaction logging and reporting. All customer files stored in SQL database tables as BLOB. Various validation methods of user input as well as error checking

    ASP.NET / VB.NET / SQL / XML, Custom portal to manage multiple client databases during conversion from existing external ASP provider to internal systems. Multiple client user management, client database analysis and custom mappings of field conversions

    Analysis and consultation on upgrade paths for internal CRM conversions. Review of SalesForce.Com, MS CRM 3.0, as well as many other custom ASP model apps including HRXML compliancy. Conversions of internal resume and client data for potential upgrade paths

    MS Access, Modified existing report generation tools to add new features and extended reporting functionality

    ASP.NET / SQL, created website for Emergency Services Company, create scope documents for larger Nationwide Emergency Services Network

    MS Access, Project 1 Create tenant management database 2 complex conversion and migration of sales data

    VB / SQL/ ASP, analysis of Paradigm Medical app to create wireless web PDA tool for doctor scheduling

    EDI setup, Sterling Commerce Gentran Director, 810, 850, 852, 997. Create store locator in .ASP. General LAN support. Implement new EDI system, IPNET data transport to Ebridge conversion for Great Plains accounting. Modification of existing SQL Enterprise apps. Creation of intranet with ASP.NET to connect Enterprise apps, automated processes, windows service with VB.NET

    SQL / ASP, Modified existing website for 3rd party client. Added pages and routines for client permissions, user permissions, document permissions, client management, user management, document management, document uploads, logging

    VB.NET / Win Forms / SQL, Automated Internet Spider app to scrub Internet documents and resources. Exchange / CDO / LDAP /Outlook / VB.NET / SQL, Automated e-mail processing app to process e-mail, client and project database access inside Outlook and Exchange. MS.NET / XML / XSLT, Create .NET website with data access and form handling. .NET / SQL, create CRM database

    VB / SQL, Setup dev tools and gave assessment on further in-house dev of unfinished Enterprise Client/Server app. Developed Loan Pricing application using Excel object model

    MS Access, Tool for custom reporting of web server logs, batch mode for complex reports

    VB / MS Access / Custom Active-X, Version 1.0 of desktop data entry tool for the entry of music album information by record companies, data is updated via internet through Control

    ASP / SQL, Small fixes and addition of functionality to various parts of the site. Creation of affiliate sites based on templates

    Building of NT Web Server, NTFS, IIS4, SQL Server, Real Media Server. Created Web app with MS InterDev, HTML, DHTML, ASP, JavaScript, graphics, layouts, ect. Members Area, Premium Content, Live Web Casting, Order Fulfillment, Client Maintenance

    ASP / SQL / Site Server / IIS / SA Fileup, Assisted building of Internet Auction Site. Registration, Profiles, Admin Management

    MS Access, Project 1:Data entry app for collection and management of medical orders, accounting, reporting, archival, maintenance. 2:Formatting and manipulation of member Medi/Medi data and government HCFA data for import into custom sales tracking app

    MS Access / VB / Access, Project 1 401(k) management app for the conversion of payroll data from VAX PDS accounting system to Vanguard format. 2:SAP & Kronos Interface Control Manager, allows creation & control of data transfer interfaces

    LAN support & systems programming. Projects:>> Pentabs Certificates, Trustmark Certificate upgrades, various VB4 Web fixes, Web Reports, Budget Reallocation, Annual Budget Conversion to new accounting system, PACS Database System, Broker Dealer ReconciliationTechnology Resume supplement resume with complete client info upon request